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25 Sep 2018

Large parts of the world – even large parts of the most developed countries – are still under developed and the opportunities open to women to find financial support for themselves can still be very limited. Though some offer sex to men to support themselves and their families, there are those who do it mainly to improve their current lifestyles. The latter I would think would be more likely to happen in developed western societies and the former in less developed economies.

Sex For Money
So I have a simple view of the world in many regards. From that I would say that transactional sex is when money or gifts are exchanged for a sexual relationship. The gifts can be cash, handbags or even trips. Often, things such as rent, phones, groceries and clothing are thrown in as incentives for transactional relationships. Effectively, to dress the relationship up as something more romantic than economic. In that way, a woman who is in the cold light of day is actually working as a girl who Elegant escorts Geneva prostitution clients can think that she is actually a girl friend “on the side”, a mistress or simply a friend with benefits. But in fact, she would not have sex with her “boy friend” if there was no financial support and gifts involved. So to me , it is simple. She is a whore. That might sound harsh to you, but to me whore has absolutely zero negative connotations. A whore is just a woman being more honest about why she is having sex with this particular guy, tonight, in these circumstances.

One way of looking at the difference and making a distinction between prostitution and transactional sex is that there is no predetermined amount for the latter, and transactional sex is often framed in the form of an actual relationship. It can last longer than the relationship between a prostitute or escort, though in many cases not. Many escorts have very long term “relationships” with their clients over a great number of years. And they even receive lovely gifts as extras to their direct pay. For example, I know one working girl who was with her “client” for over a decade. And when they finally parted he set her up as an estate agency and even put his friends in touch with her so that her business was successful.