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05 Jul 2017

You’re on vacation, sunning yourself on the coastal shores of Melbourne, Australia. It’s your dream vacation, but there is one thing missing: someone to share it with.

Don’t fret.

You are in Australia’s answer to “Sin City”.

Melbourne is home to a bevy of local beautiful women and exotic transplants from around the world. The breathtaking part of “Sin City” is not just the local scenery but the ladies that are happy to provide adult services to men, women, and couples who are seeking naughty fun.

You know you’re going to want an experience, but you don’t know where to go or what to do.

That’s where we step in to help.

How To Choose Your Ideal Brothel

Don’t think that because you want a girlfriend experience that a brothel cannot do that for you. Most Melbourne brothels are the trifecta of adult entertainment by being a brothel, an erotic massage parlour, and an escort agency. Unlike a traditional escort agency, you can’t meet the lady of your dreams until she shows up on your door. At a brothel that is also an escort agency, you can rock up to the establishment and meet her prior because brothels usually have meet and greets with their ladies so you know if you’re going to jive with your potential “girlfriend” for the day.

If you want to relax your bones and recover your muscles after a long day of visiting local attractions and other tourist activities, you can get a nice relaxing massage by a beautiful escort at the brothel of your choice with a happy ending for ultimate relaxation and relief.

Maybe you prefer to spend your day being a tourist alone but want someone to come “home” to after a long day out being an adventurer. Many brothels now have out-call services where they send the fantasy girl you pick to your hotel, home, or wherever you may be setting up shop for the night.

Pretty easy.

If you prefer not to have a naughty romp at your “home away from home”, head on over to the establishment of your choice and pretend the themed room you and your new “girlfriend” are in is yet another adventurous getaway or relax your weary bodies in a hot tub for two before slipping away for a sexy romp between the sheets.

Whatever you choose, know that you don’t have just one option when visiting a brothel but that you have a multitude of choices and that those choices are only limited as your imagination.

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